A swelling caravan of Omega brothers from various chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
reached a significant volume in Willingboro, New Jersey, during the late 60’s. Willingboro, at the
time was a community of over 25,000, conveniently located south of the state capital-Trenton-and
in the market corridors of Philadelphia, PA, New York City, and Atlantic City, NJ.
Twelve resident brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. sought to establish, in this cross section
community, a local chapter. At the time of this conception, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity had 45,000
members, within 350 chapters, including chapters in West Germany and Liberia. The stated goal of
this new chapter was to make a contribution geared toward continued enhancement of the greater
Willingboro community.

In the Summer of 1969, seventeen men met at the home of Dave Jackson, on 18 Crestview Drive in
Willingboro, New Jersey. The major topic of discussion was whether the men assembled should
apply for a graduate chapter here in the Burlington area. After much discussion, the consensus was
to go forth with this undertaking. During the interim, the brothers agreed to meet bi-weekly to get to
know each other.

On July 11,1970, a planning meeting was held to establish this new chapter at 98 Crestview Drive,Willingboro, New Jersey. In August, 1970, officers for the new chapter were decided upon. They were:- Brother David Jackson (deceased) as its first Basileus; Brother Joseph “Joe” Washington, Vice-Basileus; Brother Frederick Scott, Keeper of Records and Seal; and Brother Leroy King (deceased) as Keeper of Finance.

On November 14,1970, a charter was presented to the new NU NU Chapter, with seventeen
members representing a diversification of professions, interests, and talents. During the past 40
years, NU NU Chapter has carried out the four cardinal principals of the fraternity; Manhood,
Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. Activities have been initiated in many of the areas public
schools, churches, and in the communities of Willingboro and Burlington. The stated goal of this
new chapter was to make a positive contribution toward continued enhancement of the greater
Willingboro community.


Organizers and Founding Brothers of “Nu Nu” Chapter are: – Brothers:
1. Arthur “Art” Brown (Omega Chapter)
2. Donald Clark (Omega Chapter)
3. Harry Dorsey
4. David Jackson (Omega Chapter)
5. Leroy King (Omega Chapter)
6. Charles Lee
7. Marion Massey
8. Ronald Owens
9. Harry Pelzer
10. Louis Richardson
11. Eugene Riley (Omega Chapter)
12. Earl Rippey
13. Donald Saunders
14. Frederick “Fred” Scott
15. Melvin “Mel” Thomas
16. Joseph “Joe” Washington
17. Willinel “Willie” Wright

Past Basilei:
David Jackson, Frederick Scott, Arthur Brown, Leroy King, Donald Clark, Thomas H. Mayfield, Melvin W. Thomas, Ronald J. Moffitt, R. Harrington
Diggs, Larry Boyd, Gregory E. Ackles, Dennis Tunstall, James T. “Pete” Curry, Darryl H. Beard, Walter Neal Howard, Van Corbin, Milton Burgess, Mamon Bey, David Linder, Carlos Henriquez, Michael Brown, Eric D. Dennis, Edward Tyson Sr.

Jarrod Flowers (Present Basileus)